Friday, July 23, 2010

Gratitude and Prosperity: the New Mantra in Hard Times

"Ask  and you shall receive." How many of us still ask for things we want or need from the universe?  When times are hard it is easy to become discouraged. It is easy to lose faith in ourselves, in our skills, in our relationships with others. When we lose faith in our lives, we lose a part of ourselves.

There is no doubt in my mind that times are hard. I have a mountain of debt that I must handle. I have retirement looming in another 10-15 years and have saved very little toward that eventuality. I have a daughter still in college and we are taking out student loans to pay for her education: 2 years left of school, 20 years more of loan payments.  Sometimes I run to the bank with checks to deposit so that our account won't be overdrawn.

Somewhere along the way I got tired of worrying about it all. I was losing sleep over bills and I was cranky every time I had to write out a check to pay a bill.  I realized that I can make things work, even when times are hard.

More importantly for me, I discovered gratitude again. Instead of worrying and focusing on what I didn't have, I decided to focus on what I did have and on what I wanted from the rest of my life.  I started waking up in the morning and taking a moment to be grateful for the promise of another day.  That little practice has started to bleed over into other parts of my life.  I now do more with less and feel grateful for the love I feel toward my husband and family.

Finally, I have stated to ask the universe for what I want again. And little by little, hope returns.

Copyright. July 2010

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